Full and Constructive Use

Martin Luther King, Jr., at Glennville High School in Cleveland in 1967, made available by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

He really gets rolling into the unique literary gospel oratory that is King and only King. Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

The List

of things I didn’t finish in 2011. When I think about it, I probably relish this, the idea of listing unfinished things, a little too much. However… onward!

  • 10. Fall yard work – never finished (a sub-theorem of You are NOT free!).  at least it’s this fall. By the way, a question: is it more more bourgeois to own a leafblower or to pay someone to use one on your leaves?
  • 9.  Handle of spiced Rum from Holiday cider – at least we won’t have to buy any next year, because this stuff is going nowhere.
  • 8. Museum of Innocence, by Orhan Pamuk. After very much enjoying Snow and My Name is Red, I baled on MoI earlier this fall, about 2/3’s of the way through, not least because I was reading about five other things. But c’mon, the competition is always stiff and honestly, I hardly ever stop reading a book I start. There was something about this one that was a little too indulgent about the inferred exoticism of Istanbul, if you know what I mean. Which is that even the great city loses its appeal under the duress of his infatuation with small things – including the suffocating obsession with a cousin by him/his protagonist. And yet, a return and finish is just as likely as not in the coming months.
  • 7. Recording project with a friend – 11.11.11 was a nice goal, but…
  • 6. The movie about Venice I’m working on – try to leave out the work-related, could be an entire sublist here. Filmed in 2011, at least.
  • 5. Interview show – more on that later.
  • 4. Plans for an arbor-pergola over the patio. Only rudimentary drawings at this point, plus a wisteria vine about knee-high.
  • 3. Green opus – tying all of the ecological, linguistic and economic implications of one multi-versatile word into a grand unified theory that explains it all in less than 400 words. Well, there’s always next year.
  • 2. Listening to Beefheart.
  • 1. The dishes.

and you? Happiest of best laid plans in the New Year ahead.

International Thief Thief

Courtesy of a ne’er-do-well compatriot, I’ve recently gotten a turntable back up and running chez green. One of the newly re-found favorites never replaced on cd, along with Lush Life, is a modest collection of Fela Kuti records. Great story-teller and general tell-like-it-is-er, if you don’t know about him, do some checking around. This is a good one, with many, or some, of his wives singing backup, depending on who you choose to believe. But here he calls out AIG, WTO and even named the song after ITT. “Confusion. Corruption. Inflation.”

Well well.