Is Luck a Skill?

This is a crucial point – also crucial, too, is that it does not undermine capitalism but does expose its chief weakness, which itself eerily resembles it’s great strength. Funny that.

Green does not equal smarts or vast expertise, and probably should denote rougher trade qualities like foolhardy gumption. The minute we get too sensible about things is the minute we turn toward convention. The rich we have now are bold mostly in the outlandish links they’re willing to go to protect their winnings, in common parlance. Of course our new billionaire overlords, who believe in nothing so much as their own genius, know nothing but to go into a crouch, expand their fortunes and spend millions to save their billions from the gov’mint. Acute failure of imagination. Symptomatically nouveaux riche – the only question is will they be able to hang onto their green cushions long enough to learn to doubt the perfection of its comfort?


Collard Greens, that is, which allegedly represent the wealth in your future but are really just soul food. Sometime this afternoon take:

One mess (approx. 1 1/2 pounds), Collard Greens

Four cloves of garlic

one tbsp. red vinegar

soy sauce and salt, to taste.

Soft boil Greens and spices for an hour. Serve with black-eyed peas and cornbread, maybe a Newcastle or two.

Good year and good luck.