Alan Flurry is an Athens, Georgia-based writer.



Cansville, by Alan Flurry, is a short novel about Toby Alameda, creative director of the Cansville Theatre in Louisville, Kentucky, as he sets about to reconstruct the story of his boyhood home and the extended family that had lived there. The structure itself had been expanded from a modest farmhouse where his family took in relatives during the Great Depression. By the time the young Toby was practicing archery in his upstairs bedroom two generations later, the great emptied house had so grown into his being that he hardly gave it any thought. Until he tried to write about it.

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What does green mean?

Not adding up

In fact, it is adding up. Way too up: Google has reported that, since 2019, its emissions have grown by 48 percent, an enormous increase that reflects the vast amounts of energy used by artificial intelligence. A.I. models run a huge number of calculations in short order, taxing computers and driving up energy consumption. “As …

Gradual familiarization

A time to mention, quite a time to live. We see, we illustrate, we experience, we relate, we leave it for later when we should probably jot a few things down first. Via The Paris Review, Theodor Adorno speaking about the effects of televised music – From an interview in Der Spiegel (February 26, 1968). …

About Alan

Alan Flurry is an Athens, Georgia-based novelist, playwright, and musician. His stage play BAMIYAN TO BIRMINGHAM was included in the Sunday Shortlist readings by the Bechdel Group (NYC) in December 2021. TOO WONDERFUL FOR ANYBODY, Flurry’s new stage play about the climate crisis, is currently casting for a reading planned for the Georgia Climate Conference in May 2023.
Articles and reviews.
Director of communications for the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia, Flurry has produced dozens of video interviews with visiting artists, scholars, and journalists. In November 2011, he traveled to Venice with the ARCO Chamber Orchestra from the Hodgson School of Music to create a documentary of their performance at the opera house La Fenice. Sponsored by UNESCO, the concert was part of a wider conference on the future of the city in the context of global climate change. The one-hour documentary ARCO in Venice aired on the Georgia Public Broadcasting affiliate WUGA-TV in the fall of 2012. In June 2013, ARCO in Venice received a Merit Award from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

Flurry produced and directed the documentary short Art Rosenbaum, Mural in Progress, which premiered at the AthFest film festival in 2013 and Roma Amor, which premiered at the Georgia Museum of Art in 2014.

Flurry’s original feature screenplay for The Next Paris was an official selection of the 2019 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Flurry is married to the artist and writer Amy Flurry.