©Alan Flurry

The companies admitted no wrong doing.

The only right thing to do was unthinkable.

If I buy the car, I won’t be able to buy food.

We will feel better with him behind bars.

The mortgage can be extended to fifty-five years.

I’ll take the car. The blue one.

This kind of dining experience will be new to our city.

Spiralina-algae-extract vitamins. For dogs.

There used to be only two or three in our school, now it’s more than half.

That record changed my life.

She didn’t give a damn about him or the kids.

The road should be wider in case we get a prison, later on, down the

Her new Easter Sunday dress. And shoes.

A revolutionary breakthrough in cosmetics.

Fights tough, greasy oil stains. Like muddy mud. And dirty dirt.

Adjusts easily as shown Here.

Down from the parking lot. That insurance company. Next to that. Yeah.

Don’t come home without the dry-cleaning.

They think they own the whole damn neighborhood.

With the deductions plus the interest, we can live there, but not eat there.

The guards and their families. Visitors will need somewhere to stay.

The original people who settled there.

In twenty years, no one will remember what happened.