Half of what you see

Are people really going to begin considering tearing down some (one… any…) elevated interstates in cities? God bless ’em. Because, you know, they’re everywhere.

At the risk of ruining it (the reach of this blog knows no limits), here’s part of a Frontline piece on Bhutan.

Tucked between India and China, the Buddhist kingdom is the size of Switzerland and has less than a million people. For centuries it has remained isolated in the Himalayan mountains. But now it has opened itself to what critics call “an electronic invasion” — cable TV.

Rinzy Dorji sees himself as part of modern Bhutan’s promising future. Others fear he’s part of its problem. As the co-owner of Sigma Cable Service, Rinzy has hooked up this secluded society to 45 cable television channels, featuring everything from the BBC to Baywatch, all for about $5 a month: the price of a bag of red chillies. Across the country, people eagerly await a visit from “the man in the TV van.”

Video at the link.