The War on Women

You hear about this, and the very phrase conforms so perfectly to rhetorical excess that it can become misconstrued, misused and made to seem meaningless. But it is real, as this list demonstrates:


Total number of reproductive rights-related laws introduced by state lawmakers in 2011.


Number of abortion and reproductive rights-related provisions introduced at the state level as of June 1.


The US unemployment rate.


Number of jobs created by wasting time debating hundreds of reproductive rights-restricting laws.


Number of children who were in the US foster care system at the end of 2010.


Number of those children with caseworkers who said they were waiting to be adopted.


Number of adoptable foster children who would not have stadium seats if you tried to put all of them into the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.


United States’ ranking on Save the Children’s list of best countries for mothers.


Number of podium pounding speeches given by “pro-life” Congressional leaders on how embarrassing it is that the US has the fourth highest maternal mortality rate of any industrialized nation.

Between $2 and $6

Amount of taxpayer money saved for every $1 spent on birth control.

$11 billion

Cost of unplanned pregnancies to the US taxpayer — per year.

$11.2 billion

Amount Broadway musicals contribute to New York City’s economy per year.

Read the entire list. Weep, then wipe your eyes and get real.