Clueless on the optics

Trying to watch some professional athletic competition with the Green boy yesterday, we had this Romney/Crossroads ad forced on us. We both groaned but continued watching. And then we both noticed the atmospherics on display. I mean, how can you miss them?

A woman in her very ample kitchen, with the door open, is watching an Obama ad on her iPad. It finishes and she turns to the camera and says something like: “Mr. President, what are you going to do to help my family?”

Okay, she lives someplace where her door can just stay open, has a giant, well equipped kitchen and complains about an Obama ad she is watching on her iPad. Really? Do I need to explain to you geniuses that no, lady, helping your family isn’t the priority. You seem to be doing fine.

The people making and paying for these ads are clueless. Let them plead their case!