The Environmental Cliff

Title coined by Pierce; this is just a riff on it.

All of the talk about deficits is just that – talk. To distract any who might be concerned that anything is in the offing but cuts to so-called entitlements. Get insulted about that word. It’s a pejorative for the idea of taking care of old and poor people, whom we should feel ashamed for caring about or fretting over. The word is meant to do exactly that, make us think others feel entitled to something not theirs. With them undeserving, we can feel justified in cutting the programs that keep taxes low for the extraordinarily wealthy.

And speaking of, we need better rich people, better educated with better parents who birth in them at least the semblance of a conscience for the world. Our current crop are inadequate and will not do. We need better politicians who are not afraid to talk about gun violence or climate change, who are not so craven as to use all available oxygen in the media hothouse to grow concern about a non-existent problem. We need better doctors, physicians who have gone into medicine for some reasons other than making as much money as they can. Sorry, the truth hurts. But it’s why our conversations about health care are as contorted and unrecognizable as they are. They aren’t talking about helping people, or healing sick people. And these are personal failings of the people who have chosen to become doctors. We need one more question on the test, one that lets them off the ride, with dignity if need be, before it ends.

Because these issues won’t go away any other way. Bradbury was being precise when asked whether he was trying to change the future: “No, I’m trying to prevent it!”

Spiritual, not religious.

Loves, not wars.

Open, not resigned.

Passionate, not passive.

Giving, not trading.

Attentive, not grating.

Elevated like consideration, a discussion or even a plain, from where we all might see.