Base Instincts

And not just lower motivations. There is no great challenge to ask people to stop doing anything other than simply to stop ignoring what is going on around them. It might be a little chaotic ( the horror!), yet will all else fall into place around those individual wake up calls, as I have divined previously. The beep of rolling waves of millions of alarm clocks going off… imagine a game of reverse dominoes. While we are meandering down this path, ask yourself to what degree you must be lulled into complacence in order to accept such contrivances. Have we loaded down the basket just to let it sag right here? We don’t even need to accept these small absurdities – just to shrug, to not get our feathers in a ruffle while we commit another corporate logo to memory. But remember our instincts from the cave.

To defend.

To shelter.

To fight.

We’ve achieved an enclave mentality alright, but it is in need of significant expansion.