with sprinkles

Dunkin’ Donuts is opening it’s first LEED certified store in St. Pete, Florida, complete with 80 pounds of earthworms to eat waste from the store.

Kunstler was in town yesterday and, sitting among the crowd, I wondered how much of what he was saying sounded new and alarming to the assembled, whether was speaking to the converted or what. In other words I was thinking more about the listeners than the talk. There were enough silences in the crowd at various junctures to think that he had attracted more than a few not-yet-believers, but he was pretty demonstrative on several points, not the least of which was that the commercial airline industry would go out of business for good within three years. He thinks we (America) needs to rebuild our rail system if for no other reason than to prove that we are smart enough to do so. In light of this, sustainable Dunkin’ Donuts seem like a silly pasttime. But someone’s going to have to make all that coffee for the RR workers.