Friday reading

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Andrew Bacevich on the end of one particular form of arrogance.

From Kazantzakis’ Report to Greco:

As it was two thousand years ago, so today also life is again in a process of decomposition. But the problems that are destroying the equilibrium between the heart and mind today are crueler and more complicated, their solution more difficult and bloody. A simple message of utmost sweetness was discovered in those times, and salvation shone splendidly on earth, like springtime. No simpler, sweeter message exists. (1964a: 294)


We ourselves must bear the blame if we are villains, cowards, or liars, for although we have an all powerful force inside, we dare not use it for fear it might destroy us… How terrible not to know that we possess this force! If we did know, we would admire our souls. In all heaven and earth, nothing so closely resembles God as the soul of mankind. (1964a: 427-428)