Blue Planet

was the title of an excellent I-MAX documentary I saw at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum years ago. Now it is also the name of a foundation that got a big shout-out from the NYT editorial page this morning.

There, in a nutshell, is the motivation behind a new campaign to wean Hawaii from fossil fuels in 10 years. The project is Hawaii’s own moon mission, led by the Blue Planet foundation and not by the state’s political establishment, which tends to prefer the slow and tortured way to change (a long battle over a new commuter rail system was bogged down by a ferocious debate over whether it should have steel or rubber wheels).

Blue Planet, a private foundation, is the creation of Henk Rogers, a software entrepreneur who made a fortune in Tetris. Reassessing his life after a heart attack two years ago, he decided to pursue a goal that for decades has been as elusive as it is drop-dead obvious.

If I understood the editorial correctly, though it has abundant clean-energy sources, Hawai’i imports petroleum for ALL of its electricity(!).

More (lauditorials, entreprenuers, foundations) like this, please.