Captive past, hidden future

The fractal aspect of insecurity belies appearances, those symbols that stand for many things, and because they hold the past hostage constrict future possibilities. The connection here is simple and direct. The past is a hostage because we cannot properly face it and therefore must edit heavily, not realizing that the most egregious episodes are the most useful. We need them, to face up to them and get acquainted with our worst tendencies. The utility of blocking them out is childish and immature, which we remain as long as we keep those rooms dark.

You can see how this affects the future. It is one reason why we simultaneously recognize and seem so constrained by the idea of change – paralyzed by its appeal, we are frozen between the shores of yesterday and tomorrow. With both so unknown each seems more than a little threatening. But we can demystify one by reckoning with the other, and still be left with plenty of mystery to go around.

Sensing the need for a shift but loath to fully define it, we default to a resistance to progress as though it were natural and not a contrivance. From what? To what? The recriminations flow: what was so bad about… ? What would be so good about… ? And then rush into the waiting arms of reassuring mythos. “Are you saying we are bad? America-hater! Love it or leave it, hippie!”

Two bad choices is not choice.

Image used under Creative Commons license