The “Orient” box

There have been a few indirect references recently to the OODA Loop. Beyond its seemingly nefarious applications, why not co-opt it for other purposes? Planetary peril might well be taken as a business and military issue, and if we applied some fundamental precepts about adapting to terrestrially-threatening situations, who knows?

What is certain is that the advertising onslaught continues, it just happens to be coming in the form of a preznitial campaign. I can imagine the gurus sitting around, spurred on by wondering just how much nonsense we can take. We (there is no they) are going to wring the very last few drops of whatever it is we think we want out of the gullible, including but, not limited to, the last unqualified Decider.

Unsolicited advice: If you like people, don’t read Bertrand Russell. If you think torture and occupation are positive goods, don’t watch Pontecorvo’s Battle of Algiers. But fer chrissakes, even IF you enjoy a good joke, don’t put one on a ballot and ask me to vote for it – especially if you know I might.

Wet behind the ears, let’s not pretend we don’t know what green means.